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Email note to President Obama sent via White House website
C. A. Hilgartner, MD


On 30 November 2009, I mailed a letter to you, Mr. President (1618 words; 9785 characters, with spaces). I sent copies to Mr. Emanuel and Mr. Axelrod, in case the main letter got lost or intercepted. In it, I offer suggestions for how you might successfully eliminate nuclear “devices” from Planet Earth.

So far, I have received no acknowledgment, nor any reply discussing the contents.

In the outgoing mail, 25 January 2010, I shall mail a follow-up letter, which updates and modifies the suggestions made in the first one. (1264 words, 7744 characters, with spaces).

These insights come from my 60-plus year old research project, in which I and my collaborators open up the field of studying self-destructive behavior at the level of culture―and, flip-side, we show what we humans can do INSTEAD OF finishing the job of committing species suicide and exterminating the rest of the biosphere.

I believe you will not find similar suggestions elsewhere, nor receive such from any
other source.

Respectfully yours,

    C. A. Hilgartner, MD