Regarding Benjamin Lee Whorf


The Great Whorf Hypothesis Hoax:
Sin, Suffering and Redemption in Academe.

Chapter Seven from The Secret Life of Language, October 17, 2002 DRAFT.

Nurturing a Faint Call in the Blood:
A Linguist Encounters Languages of Ancient America

The Great Whorf Hypothesis Hoax: Which Whorf do you dock at?


  1. Part I: Demise of the Whorf Hypothesis
  2. Part II: A Hidden Cycle in the History of Linguistics
  3. Is Whorf's Relativity Einstein's Relativity?
  4. Reality, Mind, and Language as Field, Wave, and Particle **
  5. Linguistic Relativity Theory
  6. Book Review: Peter C. Rollins, Benjamin Lee Whorf: Lost Generation Theories of Mind, Language, and Religion.
  7. Manifesting Worldviews in Language **
  8. Chomsky's Rebuttal of Whorf: The Annotated Version by Moonhawk **
  9. God is not a Noun in Native America
  10. God is a Verb
  11. Stealing the Fire

Regarding the Inside-Out Model of Language
  1. The Origin of Speech in a Deep Structure of Psi
  2. Language: The Ultimate System (ISSS Panel)
  3. Chin Music: An Evolutionary States of Consciousness Model of Language
  4. ShamanTalk: A Medicine Way of Language
  5. History of an Idea: 4-BrainMind Evolution of Language Model
  6. Rationality and Science, Fouring and Verbing
  7. Moonhawk’s Brainwave Processing Model of Similarities - Summary chart


Quantum Linguistics
  1. Quantum Anthropological Linguistics
  2. Indigenous Science (letter to David Peat)
  3. Patterson's Quantum Grammars are Conceptual Quantums are Linguistically Structure [sic] Complement Sets -- Reply by moonhawk
  4. Bohmian Dialogues

Papers by or with Matthew Bronson

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  1. Genre is a Verb: Research on Academic Writing in Critical Perspective
  2. Rekindling the Flutes of Fire: Why Indigenous Languages Matter to Humanity (pdf)
    from ReVision Journal, Volume 25, No. 3, Fall 2002. All rights reserved.
  3. Clairparlance: The Transcendental Gift of Gab
  4. Harnessing the Butterflies
  5. Pace and Lead: The Grammar of Rapport
  6. Healing With Mind And Heart
  7. Do Spirits Cause Illness?
  8. Brazilian Spiritist Healers
  9. When As-if Becomes As-is: The Spontaneous Initiation of a Brazilian Spiritist Medium
  10. The Evolution of the Evolution of Language
  11. Animacy, Respect and Salience in Surinamese Creole Grammar

E-mail/List Postings of Note
re: Whorf
  1. Universal Word Order, [or The Great Whorf Hypothesis Hoax Revisited]
  2. Sapir-Whorf and what to tell students these days
  3. The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis Hoax on VMs List
  4. Discussion of Yngve Review
  5. Whither Linguistics?
  6. Re: Whorf's idea
re: Native American Language
  1. Sequoyah -- Tell Them They Lie excerpts
  2. Cherokee and Cree writing systems
  3. God(ding): A Cross-Linguistic Puzzle
  4. NIH and Consciousness: Commentary
  5. Linguistics & Nominalising Languages - 1
  6. Linguistics & Nominalising Languages - 2
  7. Linguistics & Nominalising Languages - 3
  8. Linguistics & Nominalising Languages - 4
  9. Linguistics & Nominalising Languages - 5
  10. Linguistics & Nominalising Languages - 6
  11. The Turtle Island Hypothesis of the Origin of Writing
re: The 4-BrainMind Model
  1. EvolLang: An EvolLang/s Scenario
  2. Animal Mind, Language, Culture
  3. Animal Telepathy
  4. AnimalMind -- alpha-level of language
  5. The Languages of Animalmind
  6. Language/Species extinction: What is language?
  7. Lacan for and against -- a contribution from Sergio Benvenuto
  8. Does "Language" equal "Human Language?" (1)
  9. Does "Language" equal "Human Language?" (2)
  10. Does "Language" equal "Human Language?" (3)
  11. Does "Language" equal "Human Language?" (4)
  12. Does "Language" equal "Human Language?" (5)
re: psi, dis-easing, spacetiming, and other critical issues
  1. Moonhawk's One-Minute (or more) Time/Timing Rap
  2. J/Y-S-S: Jasos, the earlier Jesus
  3. J*S*S -- letter to Dr. Laura
  4. Voices in the Head Rap
  5. Dialogue with a Chomskyan about Science
  6. Dialogue with Mia Kalish - I
  7. Dialogue with Mia Kalish - II
  8. Dialogue with Mia Kalish - III

Special (i.e., not easily categorized)

2001 Presentations by Moonhawk

Links of Special Interest

1. SEED Open University, Albuquerque NM. Director: Glenn Parry. For information on yearly "Language of Spirituality" Dialogues (between linguists, quantum physicists and indigenous philosopher-scientists) and separate weekend seminars by Moonhawk.

2. Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness, an organization which Moonhawk helped found and has served as Board Member -- and helped hold open the language perspective with Matt Bronson -- for over 20 years.

3. Where Moonhawk teaches:

(a) California Institute of Integral Studies

(b) John F. Kennedy University

(c) California State University, Hayward