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Dan Moonhawk Alford's

recent presentations
and hard-to-find classic articles

April 4, 1946 - October 24, 2002


Moonhawk's departure from the physical world has dictated changes in the lives of many of us. His contributions to linguistics reveal only a narrow view of him. To provide a fuller view, I have added the "Moonhawk's Community" page, linked above, to hold the feelings, thoughts, memories, and anecdotes of his loved ones, friends, students, mentors, colleagues, and admirers. If you would like to contribute to this wider view of our Moonhawk, please feel free to email your material to me at the edress below.

I can't foresee how these pages will evolve, but I will maintain them indefinitely as a readily available source of Moonhawk's knowledge and wisdom.

Don Watson
October 27, 2002