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Here are a few essays that might interest you. The first four of the five newspaper articles relate to high profile legal stories. Following are several essays published in Telicom, commentaries on books, and a few essays that are unpublished elsewhere.

What's Telicom? It's the journal of the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE). I joined ISPE several years ago because I was attracted by its objective:

To provide a worldwide association for those persons at the highest level of intellectual ability who come together to motivate one another to distinguished achievement through exceptional creativity, leaving a legacy of wisdom and accomplishment that benefits civilization.

It's wonderful to be able to easily obtain the support and counsel of the more than 700 bright, accomplished individuals in 36 countries. Though I've now resigned from ISPE, I keep in touch with many of my friends there. To learn more about ISPE and to meet other members, here's the link to the ISPE website. Perhaps you'll join.




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