Stealing the Fire

A Linguistic Overview of This Century's Advances in Physics

[speaker's notes]

by Dan Moonhawk Alford
given: AAA/SAC March 25, 1996

A. Introduction

What does Physics have to do with Linguistics and Anthropology?

The Dirty Little Secret: Stealing the Fire  
B. Possible Prototype: Democritus

Where'd the notion of the atom come from?

Are letters the best for representing sound?
C. First Incident: Heisenberg's Lament

Describing the Subatomic Realm

The Atom as a Linguistic Construct So How Do Physicists 'See Into' the Subatomic Realm?
D. Second Incident: Einstein's Relativity

Staking the Claim on Relativity

Where'd Einstein get it from? What did Einstein do with it once he had it? Was Whorf's Relativity Really Like Einstein's? Hopi Physicists?
E. Third Incident: Bohm's Implicate Order

An Innocent Beginning to a Detective Story

Did Bohm 'think up' the Implicate Order? Did Bohm Read Whorf? Why didn't Bohm cite his source?
F. Fourth Incident: Bohmian Dialogue Validates Whorf

While the social sciences were deep in debate ...

Bohm validates Whorf's Linguistic Relativity Principle
G. Conclusion

Coming around full circle.

Linguistics as the premier model for science Parting shot -- a Qualitative Interdisciplinary Equation