About Enformy



What is enformy? I'll put it this way: Without enformy, we wouldn't exist—indeed, life itself wouldn't exist. Nor would any other organized system in the universe. There would be no atoms or molecules, stars or planets, animals or plants. Since there would be no consciousness, there would be no science.

As I described it in my 1993 essay, enformy is the principle of creation—the fundamental, conserved capacity to organize. It is fundamental to energy and mass—the other conserved principles—and it organizes matter into being.

How do I know this? Well, of course, I don't know it as a certain fact. That's the nature of scientific knowledge. Enformy, energy, and mass are theoretical principles. We can't prove the existence of any of them. But we use the concepts because, as necessary elements of our theoretical models of reality, they describe the observed universe very well.

Like energy and mass, the enformy concept is extremely parsimonious. That is, enformy is a single concept that explains a wide variety of otherwise unexplained phenomena. These phenomena include life itself, consciousness, quantum entanglement, telepathy, psychokinesis, precognition, evidence of reincarnation, and the homing behavior of pigeons and other animals.

What do these "paranormal" phenomena have in common—aside from the fact that they're not explained by "normal" scientific theories? All of them express fundamental behaviors and properties of holistic systems. That's why a single concept—enformy—can explain all of them.

Enformy is the foundation of the Theory of Enformed Systems (TES), which, in turn, is the foundation of the study of whole systems. Because it addresses the organization of all systems--including the systems studied in physics, chemistry, and biology--TES is basic to these sciences. In other words, TES is a prephysical theory. That's why it provides the scientific route to spirituality.

Take this link for a brief Introduction to TES. To learn more about enformy, TES, and enformed systems, visit my Enformy PageOr, to actually enjoy learning about enformy and enformy-based technologies, you can read The Last Miracle.