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I asked these questions when I was five years old, and set out to find scientific answers to them—though, of course, I didn't know that when I was five. For the following six decades, I searched in many fields, including medicine, neurophysiology, biophysics, ecology, information theory, and psychiatry. I failed to find, not only answers, but even other scientists who were asking the questions! Finally, in the concept of Enformy, I found the answers.

Implications of the Theory of Enformed Systems (TES) might surprise you. They certainly surprised me! Before my discovery, I did not believe in afterlife, telepathy, psychokinesis, and other paranormal phenomena. Now, I must! If you're curious about consciousness, life, and death, push the "About Enformy" button above.

If you're curious, but don't like scientific writing, you'll enjoy reading "The Last Miracle," my adventure novel that follows two intrepid explorers as they find their way to their own paths to understanding.

While you're here, you might also look at "Surviving Your Crises, Reviving Your Dreams" my self-help book that teaches folks how to recover successfully after any kind of life crisis, including major losses.

"Essays" are my writings, many about the law, that have been published in newspapers and elsewhere, and "Short Stories" links you to several of my fiction pieces. The button labeled "About Me" points to my Curriculum Vitae and other personal snippets.