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The G.O.D. Experiments My review of Gary Schwartz's new book, which disproves its own thesis.

Quantum Mechanics or Quantum Mythology? My critique of Dean Radin's prediction that the consciousness revolution will center on quantum mechanics.

The Apperception Theory of Grieving Draft of Chapter 3 of the 2nd edition of Surviving Your Crises, Reviving Your Dreams.

Are Living, Conscious Robots Possible? This tutorial on Enformed and Non-enformed Systems explains TES by comparing it with the conventional world-views that purport to explain life and consciousness.

Lawrence, KS IONS Community Group.  Information about our group, of which I am Fearless Leader.

Happiness is Knowing How to Cope   A talk to the Lawrence, KS exploration group of ISSSEEM. March 11, 2003

Telepathy: Nonlocal Languaging   My experiences learning about telepathic communication.

  Eccles' Model of the Self Controlling Its Brain: The Irrelevance of Dualist-Interactionism  Rewritten with Berney Williams.

New Section:
Expressions of High-Order Enformation
Contributed by Reza Khalesi

  Susy Smith's book, The Mediumship of Mrs. Leonard.

  Links Page, finally updated! Links to friends, collaborators, kindred spirits, and heroes.

  My contribution to George Michael's history of computing at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. (Local copy here.)

  The Last Miracle, my novel.

  Introduction to the Theory of Enformed Systems. Coauthored with Berney Williams.

Introduction to the Theory of Enformed Systems. Persian translation by Reza Khalesi. needs Adobe Acrobat reader (pdf)