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Radical Uncertainty

E-Prime: Why Bother?

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Making the Same Mistakes Again ... and Again

Bioengineering the Planet

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"Making the Same Mistakes ..." by Martha Bartter

The Bush Budget by Martha Bartter

INTRODUCTION TO THE TUTORIALS ~ an entry into the theories of Hilgartner & Associates

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Classifying Critters (Time-Binding, Level 1)

Testing Guesses

Making Assumptions

Lived Theory

Defining 'The Observer' ~ Transaction between the observer and the world.

Intermediate Level

More About Time-Binding (Level 2)

More About Assumptions

Startup Packet ~ a commentary on five short documents that give a preview of the viewpoint of Hilgartner & Associates, namely:

Statement of Intent

Course of Development of a Theory

Conventions for Symbolizing

E-Prime and Linguistic Revision

Ishmael and General Semantics Theory

Research Papers ~ over 70 of our 90+ research papers available for browsing and download.

(We have most of the papers on the Website, but some of them still lack links. If you cannot obtain a magnetic copy of something you want to download, please send us an e-mail saying so, and we will arrange to provide either a magnetic copy, or a hard copy (at cost).)