Introduction to the Tutorials

     Thank you for your growing interest in the alternative "World View" we present here. The next step toward mastering this frame of reference comes by going through a series of Tutorials designed to help you to orient yourself to this setting.

As you begin to "get" the lived theory we present, I trust that you will also consider how it applies to the ways you live your own life. I and my associates have found that it opens the way toward making our own living more to our own liking. Perhaps you will find that too.

Thus—as you may already have begun to notice—what we present does not consist merely of dry theory. Instead, this kind of lived theory alters the way its practitioners deal with the urgent, intimate, unavoidable issues they run into in the course of living.

On your left is the list of current tutorials. Once you get through the available Tutorials, you may well find yourself asking, "Now what—what comes next?"

At the moment, I have no easy answers to that question. When you find yourself asking it with some steam behind it, please get in touch with me. I imagine that together, we can figure out some next steps.



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